Director of Business Operations

Location: Pittsburgh or San Francisco Bay Area, California

Efficient Corporation is creating the world’s most​ energy-efficient​ general-purpose​ processor. Based on several years of technology innovation at Carnegie Mellon University, the Efficient team have produced a radically re-imagined chip architecture with the primary goal of extreme energy efficiency. The result – a next generation processor that requires ​100x less energy than today’s best alternatives, while also outperforming them on speed. ​

Efficient Corporation’s Director of Business Operations will be responsible for driving the execution and development of overall operations and critical business functions as we move from initial stages of product development to market release and scaled volume production.  We are looking for an experienced and motivated individual with operational experience and a track record of success in growing businesses, ideally at venture-backed companies.  Partnering with Efficient’s founders, the Director will oversee business development, product management, and sales/sales support functions. He/She will be critical in investor relations, strategic partnerships and planning, and go-to-market strategy development. The Director will serve as a strategic advisor to senior leadership at Efficient.


This is a unique role with both external and internal focus.  The Director will be the face of Efficient to the marketplace externally, representing the team at conferences, in partner meetings and with customers where appropriate.  Internally, he/she will be focused on driving overall effectiveness and operational efficiencies throughout the organization as the business scales.


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About Efficient Corporation: 

Efficient is a chip company developing a general-purpose computing platform for intelligence at the extreme edge. Efficient’s technology increases on-device compute efficiency by orders of magnitude, and thereby enables pervasive intelligence throughout environments that are unreachable with today’s processor designs. Efficient is developing an ultra-low-power general purpose processor that dramatically reduces energy without compromising programmability — imagine a vision-based sensor that can perform AI functions for 10 years on a single AA battery. In addition, Efficient is building a fully integrated software and compiler stack that supports migration of high-level language code to the Efficient chip platform with no required re-writes.


Efficient was established in 2022 as a spinout of Carnegie Mellon University and is currently building a world-class team of hardware and software engineers spanning from silicon implementation to compilers. With seed funding secured, a portfolio of patent-protected IP, and substantial progress on hardware and software development, EfficientAI is moving quickly toward delivering first silicon in early- to mid-2024. 


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Efficient offers a competitive compensation and benefits package.  

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