We are hiring!

The EfficientAI team is growing. We have openings on our business team and our technical teams.  If you are motivated team player with experience building companies or an engineer who wants to be part of an intensely skilled team and want to have an immediate impact on our first-generation chip, check out our open positions below! We have offices in Pittsburgh, the SF Bay Area, and NYC, but also support hybrid-flexible locations. To learn more about our roles, click below.  To be considered for any of our roles, please introduce yourself, with along with your resume and the role you are interested in, via an email to jobs@efficient.computer

Hardware & Silicon Team

We are looking for candidates with experience building chips, including all aspects of the process, from RTL development, verification, and physical design.  An ideal candidate has experience in bringing a chip to market – from idea to implementation to commercialization – with strategic and technical involvement at each phase of silicon development.  Below are our open positions:

Verification Engineer

Embedded & TinyML Team

We are looking for experts in embedded systems and ML engineering, who can squeeze deep learning models into a memory- and energy-constrained embedded system. An ideal candidate is familiar (or expert) in ML frameworks (e.g., PyTorch, TensorFlow) and embedded systems programming.  Below are our open positions:

Embedded/TinyML Applications Engineer

Compiler Team

We are looking for experts in compiler development with experience building industrial-strength compilers using LLVM/MLIR. An ideal candidate is familiar (or expert) with compiler optimization and CGRA/FPGA mapping (i.e., place and route). Well qualified and interested candidates should reach out directly by sending an email to jobs@efficient.computer.

Business & Operations Team

We are looking for experienced and motivated individuals to help drive the growth, execution and development of our overall operations and critical business functions as we move from initial stages of product development to market release and scaled volume production.  Below are our open positions:

Director of Business Operations

We're always looking for great talent to bring onboard.  Please send us an email for possible future openings on our team if we do not have a role posted here that fits your qualificationsTo inquire about our roles or joining the team, please email jobs@efficient.computer with your resume, the role you are interested in and a little about yourself. 

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